Norway wins in Helsinki

Kristoffer Førde Aarskog and Tom Johannes Bang won the final against Finland in 1st Finnish Footvolley Open. The tournament was played indoors at the great sports complex Salmisaari Sport Palace and Footvolley Norway takes their first international footvolley win.

Two teams from Norway

Norway showed up with two teams; Kristoffer Aarskog/Tom J. Bang and Tom-Rune Sørensen/Emil Lindstrøm. Sørensen and Lindstrøm had never played together prior to this tournament. 

The teams were excited about the transition to sand, after only playing on hard court the whole winter. Aarskog/Bang got through the group play fairly easy with all wins. Sørensen/Lindstrøm had a tough start and struggled to adapt to the deep sand. They tried to play beautiful footvolley, but considering the conditions it was more important to play smart. Sørensen/Lindstrøm lost in the quarterfinals and had to seek comfort in the bar.

Quick sand

For a lot of the players it came as a shock when trying the sand. It was very deep and it was hard to jump and move around. This was the same for all the teams, but it affected the quality of the play. 

"Except for the corall sand in Portugal, this is the, by far, heaviest sand I have ever played in. I am surprised not more people got cramps", says Tom Bang. 

Final game with cramps and tired legs

vinnerne 220After six undefeated games Aarskog/Bang showed up in the final with shaky legs and a bad groin injury. They met a physically fit Finland, who got to the final due to good serving and a good fitness level.

The first set started well for Aarskog/Bang, and quickly got a 9-0 lead. The first set was comfortable won 21-15. 

In the second set the Finnish team got back into the game with good serving and tactical play. Aarskog, with tired legs and a groin injury, could not move very much, and the Finnish team took advantage of that. The score half way was 11-11. 

Then it happend. Miko from Finland got severe cramps in both calf and thighs and had to take a 5 minute technical timeout. When the game continued Finland served well and pulled out a 21-19 victory. A third set to 15 had to be played.


This set consisted of more cramps and fast returns on first touch. Mike once again had to hit the deck (sand), but did not give up. From there on and out Aarskog/Bang had controll and secured norways first international win. 

After the tournament

We congratulate Finland with their first international tournament and applaude the volenteers. Thank you Marek and Pauli for the great job. 

The quality of the games were not the best we have seen, but we are happy to finaly play on sand again and can not wait for the summer to arrive. 

After the tournament we hit the bar and the very nice sauna. The guys took us out to a great place called Appollo and we all had a blast. 

Thank you, Finland, for a very nice tournament and a very good time.


Here you can see a video of the last set in the tornament. Tired legs, cramps, heavy sand etc. Enjoy :)


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